Our current winemaker, James Booth, is the fourth generation family winemaker. Peter, James’ dad and third generation winemaker, focuses these days on tending the estate vineyard, including the Shiraz, Trebbiano, Alicante Bouchet vines planted in 1919.

Our History

1904 – Esca Booth buys Taminick Vineyards

1914 – Esca oversees the building of the stone cellar from local Warby stone

1919 – Second generation winemaker Cliff is born, and the vineyard restoration begins with Shiraz, Trebbiano and Alicante Bouchet planted on resistant rootstock

1949 – Third generation winemaker Peter is born

1968 – Wines are sold for the first time under the Taminick Cellars label, instead of being sold in bulk

1970s – Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat planted

1980s – Merlot and Chardonnay planted

1982 – Fourth generation winemaker James is born

2000 to 2010 – Durif and Muscadelle planted

2004 – The Booth family celebrate our centenary at the property

2008 – Nero d’Avola planted

2011 – James launches The Black Dog Brewery, becoming both the fourth generation winemaker and the first generation brewer